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Virginia Tech Geotechnicial Laboratories


The English Geotechnical Research Laboratory was completed in December 2002 and dedicated in September 2003. Four named laboratories are housed in the English Lab. These include the James K. and Virginia W. Mitchell Soil Behavior Laboratory, the Ray and Carol Martin In Situ Testing Laboratory, the Virginia Geotechnical Services Interface and Models Laboratory, and the Thomas L. Brandon Strength and Compressibility Laboratory.

The Patton Hall Laboratory is located in the main central campus of Virginia Tech inside the Civil Engineering Building Patton Hall. This laboratory is mainly used for teaching undergrad and graduate students although some research testing is also performed here.

This off-campus laboratory located about three miles from the Virginia Tech Campus at the Price’s Fork Research Station. This laboratory houses the Instrumented Retaining Wall Facility, the In Situ Test Instrument Calibration Chamber, and two drill rigs.

The Charles Edward Via, Jr., Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering (0105) 750 Drillfield Drive 200 Patton Hall Blacksburg, VA 24061 Phone: (540) 231-6635 Phone: (540) 231-7532